Ticket Rejection

Dispute and quash any Ticket you receive, with the exception of those deriving from speed traps with observed speeds of more than 40 km/hour over the maximum limit and those deriving from infractions causing any level of damage to third parties.

Often it’s simple ignorance and subservience that create the limits to freedom; the Method offered by NetworkVeritas, although still not well-known, derives from real experiences. It is not viewed favorably by certain groups that speculate on humanity’s difficulties and which will never offer a definitive solution for protecting you from these abuses. The method can be discovered only through word-of-mouth, which is exactly the method used by NetworkVeritas; once you sign up for free, you’ll have the possibility of acquiring the Basic package that deals with Ticket Rejection; for twelve months we will quash all the tickets you receive. After acquiring the package, all you have to do is click on the “REJECT A TICKET” button, fill in the form with the requested data (ticket number, etc.), download the form (already filled in with your data), then sign it, send it and forget it. Any further objections regarding the REJECTION of that particular ticket will be handled directly by the VERITAS Association in the name, and on behalf of, its Associate.